It is miles the largest departure from traditional Rocket League

on December 30 at 08:56 AM
Along with this will come new objects referred to as Golden Eggs, which can be basically crates that don’t require a key or decryptor to open. Everything looks to be loose for this event to this point, which include the cutting-edge map, which is in reality quite antique if you have been a fan of Rocket League’s predecessor, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars.
Throwback Stadium is being added to the casual playlists, and it's miles the largest departure from traditional Rocket League we’ve visible in over a 12 months. This stadium become a fan-preferred in SARPBC, but become eliminated while Psyonix decided to preserve matters simple for the sequel. This stadium has coals jutting out of Rocket League Items the floor near the back of every crew’s facet. This lets in for some very exciting gameplay mechanics that trade a variety of what RL are used to. 
The ball will even behave differently, fitting with the physics of SARPBC. Expect it to be lighter and matters to LOLGA be a good deal unique when this map receives picked.“Over the last few days, we've upgraded each the running machine and the manage panel software program on each unmarried server we've got with this company. Ninety nine% of these software program upgrades might be complete by the time you study this publish today,” reads the put up with the aid of Psyonix’s Devin Connors.

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