Steam Guide: How to use the Steam community showcase

on December 09 at 02:34 PM
Every time your steam community level reaches the ten-digit level, a showcase will be unlocked, that is, every tenth level will unlock a showcase. For example, if your steam community reaches level 10, you will unlock the right to use one showcase, and if you reach level 20, you will get two. There is no restriction on which one you use, and so on, you can unlock up to 14 showcases.
Level 140 is all unlocked. They are achievement showcase, creative workshop showcase, screenshot showcase, artwork showcase, custom information showcase, item showcase, item showcase, badge collector showcase, evaluation showcase, game collector showcase, The rarest achievement showcase, the favorite game showcase, the favorite group showcase, and the favorite guide showcase.
Each kind of showcase can only be used once on the personal homepage, and there is a corresponding showcase name in the upper left corner of the showcase.
If the level conditions are met and unlocked, you will see this prompt on your homepage when you are logged in. Click directly or click "Edit Profile" in the upper right corner of your personal homepage to start using and editing your showcase.
You may ask Why don't I have a screenshot showcase or art showcase? You need to do this: The screenshot showcase requires you to use the built-in screenshot function of steam. You can find the screenshot button in the steam client settings, and then just open a game to enter. Screenshot, after exiting the game and uploading the screenshot, you can start using the screenshot showcase.
Similarly, the artwork showcase requires you to upload the artwork first. The uploading place is at the top of the client, your steamed, mouse on it, you will see a content option, click in to find the artwork and upload the artwork. You can use the artwork showcase after uploading. To learn more, Please search directly

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