Genshin Impact itself points players to that have White

on October 12 at 12:44 PM
Genshin Impact Mora Genshin Impact developer and publisher miHoYo built the game to support cross-platform support but Xbox One gamers have been left out of this latest open-world adventure. Owners of Microsoft's console have been eagerly awaiting an update from the Chinese dev that will bring Genshin Impact to Xbox consoles.Unfortunately miHoYo has already revealed that it has no current plans for an Xbox One port. A spokesperson for the Chinese developer spoke to GameRant on September 27 and outright stated an Xbox One version of Genshin Impact is off the table.

Genshin Impact Primogems Top Up The first few steps of The Chi of Guyun quest are self-explanatory and don't need much of an explanation. Players will need to head to the locations marked on their maps and complete simple puzzles by activating statues in a simple order. However the puzzle on top of the mountain in Qingce Village can prove to be quite challenging. Players will need to activate the statues in order depending on which Treyvat landmark they are facing. For players who aren't familiar with the map this can be quite challenging. The photos below show in order the statues that need to be pressed.

There are some specific areas that Genshin Impact itself points players to that have White Iron Chunks in greater abundance. One of the best places to go is in the Wolvendom where White Iron is much more abundant. This is particularly true on the path leading up to Stormterror's lair. Players will also find a large amount of these Chunks in the areas surrounding Stormbearer Mountain so this is one of the best places to look. Keep in mind as well that ore deposits regenerate every day so players can continue to come back for more every time they start the game back up. 

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