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on September 30 at 02:04 PM
With that, the Scav Boss of Customs, otherwise called Reshala, will more outlandish watch in quarters, however rather will cover another territory. Moreover, fix 0.12.7 will include the new Scav Boss Shoreline, otherwise called the Sanitar www.lolga.com. The Sanitar is a healer, which has the capacity not to mend himself yet additionally his buddies, which might be a damnation of an experience.
A few different issues are being fixed in 0.12.7, among which the AI conduct is likewise adjusted. New ammo is additionally being included, which is most likely going to rearrange into the current meta Escape From Tarkov Items. Different fixes have additionally occurred, so make certain to check them in the fix notes! As a festival of the update 0.12.7, Battlestate Games has additionally distributed a pristine mystery, which can be found underneath.

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