Cheap Kiss of War Gold Kiss of War is a war strategy game

on September 24 at 10:52 AM
Cheap Kiss of War Gold Kiss of War is a war strategy game based on modern warfare. It tells a story of a group of charming women with different pasts all fighting the Invaders with allies. You will play as a Commander in the game. Train powerful troops and recruit beautiful Officers to lead them unite other Commanders to eliminate the Invaders and finally maintain world peace by creating a stronger guild!

Sell Kiss of War Gold Brazilian gamers may not have seen this bullshit but there was a huge controversy with Battlefield V. The game was accused by the gamer community of being overly feminist. But the bullshit could have been much greater (in reverse) if it were in the style of Kiss of War game for Android and iOS. Certainly a woman in shorts and cleavage is much less realistic from the historical point of view than fully dressed women fighting in World War II. Is not it?

The game is very "appealing". The character wears short tight clothes. The game icon is literally the character's butt.Oh and you can't forget about “butt physics”. Yes when she shoots the game it is very “realistic”. When shooting with a sniper gun the woman's butt shakes.Kiss of War has no historical truth. But it is a reminder to gamers of any ideological position. Don't take electronic games too seriously. 

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