The Darkmoon Faire has arrived to World of Warcraft Classic

on August 06 at 10:26 AM
Darkmoon Faire are now living in WoW Classic, and set to run through July 12. The faire takes place in Elwynn Forest, however, as noted by Wowhead, it will be available in Mulgore in August. There are a number of activities you can take part in during the faire. Activities include things like collecting cards and trade them in for trinkets, in addition to reaching pets.
Now that the Darkmoon Faire here, completing quests rewards the player with Darkmoon Prize Tickets. For those who do not have time to search, tickets can be obtained by offering trade goods to Chronos, Kerri Hicks, Rinling, or Yebb Neblegear. To redeem a ticket for a different prize, players must speak to Gelvas Grimegate. Players can even trade Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets to the reputation.
Darkmoon Faire introduced in patch 1.6 (July 2005), with some changes made to it during the period of vanilla. Humanoid game Cannonball added in patch 1.9 (January 2006) and Battle Tank Simulator added in patch 1:10 (March 2006), but other than that, Faire remain the same until after the launch of Burning Crusade. In addition, our site has a large quantity of safe WOW Classic Gold For Sale.
In Burning Crusade, patch 2.2 (September 2007), the third location is added near Shattrath City in Terrokar, and some of the 60 items were added to make it more useful for the new bracket 60-70. During the Wrath of the Lich King, Patch 3.1 (April 2009), the Darkmoon Faire added achievements, including adding Darkmoon Faire exalted reputation with the requirement to "Insane" title.
Darkmoon Faire arrival also means that the Darkmoon Cards can now be collected throughout Azeroth. Players who complete deck can go to Professor Thaddeus Paleo to exchange them for quality Trinket epic. Of course, one of the most important NPC on the deck at the Faire is Professor Thaddeus Paleo, man with a great interest in full decks of cards Darkmoon. If you have managed to collect a full deck, Paleo will gladly exchange it for an epic quality jewelry, depending on the deck you turn in.

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